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Episode 21 Adventures in Inbetweening - Squash and Stretch!

Posted: 04 Oct 2022, 01:21
by InbetweenAdventures
Today I'm talking directly about squash and stretch, which I've referred to previously as part of exaggeration. It's something that we see in our everyday life, but animation allows us/requires us to push it further. Thanks for checking it out, please like and subscribe!

Featuring reference from:
"Falling Hare" (WB, 1943)
"To Duck or Not to Duck" (WB, 1943)
"Football to the Face 1000x Slower" - The Slow Mo Guys
Tennis ball slo-mo bounce - ScienceLuxembourg Youtube channel
Gelatin @ 6200 fps - ModernistCuisine Youtube channel


Time lapse pixel art in TV Paint, 90 minutes drawing condensed down to 5 minutes.

Paul has 25+ years industry experience, and is currently directing cinematics for video games.

#timelapse #2danimation #animationstudent