Episode 21 Adventures in Inbetweening - Squash and Stretch!

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Episode 21 Adventures in Inbetweening - Squash and Stretch!

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Today I'm talking directly about squash and stretch, which I've referred to previously as part of exaggeration. It's something that we see in our everyday life, but animation allows us/requires us to push it further. Thanks for checking it out, please like and subscribe!

Featuring reference from:
"Falling Hare" (WB, 1943)
"To Duck or Not to Duck" (WB, 1943)
"Football to the Face 1000x Slower" - The Slow Mo Guys
Tennis ball slo-mo bounce - ScienceLuxembourg Youtube channel
Gelatin @ 6200 fps - ModernistCuisine Youtube channel


Time lapse pixel art in TV Paint, 90 minutes drawing condensed down to 5 minutes.

Paul has 25+ years industry experience, and is currently directing cinematics for video games.

#timelapse #2danimation #animationstudent
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