Set all layers to Hold|Ping-Pong|None|Repeat

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Set all layers to Hold|Ping-Pong|None|Repeat

Post by cgmodeler »

Just did this small script that sets all the layers for the current clip post behavior as none, repeat, ping-pong or hold

It has a little window to write the desired post behavior.

It will store it as a variable for the next session so you can run it quickly

Eg. If I want all layers on the current clipto be HOLD, I write "hold"
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Code: Select all

Param None
tv_readUserString "postBehaviorVar" "postBehavior" Hold
parse result postBehavior
tv_reqstring "Input the mode for all layers none, repeat, ping-pong, hold |"postBehavior""
parse result postBehavior

IF (CMP("Cancel",postBehavior)!=1)
	tv_writeUserString "postBehaviorVar" "postBehavior" postBehavior

PARAM none
tv_readUserString "postBehaviorVar" "postBehavior" Hold
parse result postBehavior

layerCount = 0
loop2 = 1
WHILE loop2
tv_LayerGetID layerCount
currentLayerID = result
IF CMP(currentLayerID,"none") == 1
loop2 = 0
tv_LayerSet currentLayerID
tv_layerpostbehavior 0 postBehavior
layerCount = LayerCount + 1
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Re: Set all layers to Hold|Ping-Pong|None|Repeat

Post by NathanOtano »

Useful thanks! :)
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