SPA Studios Klaus observation

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SPA Studios Klaus observation

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I did not find a thread that would be a good fit so I am starting one.

I finally saw Klaus on Netflix. I still have not completed it. (I tend to watch things in increments picking up where I left off on another day. I do not have the time to watch things all the way through in one sitting generally although there have been exceptions and I have even binge watched more than one episode of a series.).

So after seeing the trailers and mini-documentary/interviews I was surprised that the visual aspect of Klaus was not what I expected. It was a lot closer to what I see more commonly achieved than I thought it would be. The result looks like everything in its cartoon world is a flatter 2D plane more like paper sculpture found in some greeting cards than the unique hybrid 3D/2D I thought it was looking like in the clips.

Did everyone think the final presentation looked like you expected it to after viewing the trailers and mini-documentaries? Maybe this has to do with seeing the final product streamed on TV as opposed to viewing the clips on a Mac computer in smaller and different file formats which could present tighter drawing and less muted colour?
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Re: SPA Studios Klaus observation

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Klaus was more or less what I expected from having seen the trailers and reading discussion of the lighting/texturing/compositing approach they were taking.

An interesting development I've noticed recently is that SPA studios is using Blender Grease Pencil in their production pipeline. I don't know if this means Blender replaces Toonboom Harmony in SPA's animation pipeline , or if Blender will be used mainly for Texturing/Lighting and Compositing purposes. The remarks below say that SPA's software engineers are making add-ons and doing core development for "improving the drawing experience" in Blender. That makes it seem like they will be using Blender Grease Pencil for Animation and Clean-Up.

“The SPA Studios, known for its feature film “Klaus” on Netflix, is now working on the upcoming project “Ember” - and is using Blender in production.

Two of our software engineers will be talking about how the studio is working on both addon and core development for improving the drawing experience, as well as the sequence workflow. We will share insights on how we try to answer production needs with the ultimate goal of contributing back.”

Blender's Grease Pencil is looking more interesting all the time.


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