Color coded layer icons

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Color coded layer icons

Post by TVPUSER » 13 Mar 2021, 00:14

I was really used to the colors of the layer icons in previous versions of TVPaint so I decided to colorize the current icons with the colors of the older version of TVP

The pack comes with 3 versions light,dark,solid you're free to install which ever icon set suits your theme.
I've also included backups for the default icons as of tvpait 11-11.5 for convenience

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the icon sets! I made these as a quick fix for me but I also want to make it useable for the majority of TVP users!
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Re: Color coded layer icons

Post by tribute27 » 13 Mar 2021, 08:19

I like it! Thanks! I didnt even know you can customize the little icons

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Re: Color coded layer icons

Post by Dean » 15 Mar 2021, 10:15

Great work!
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