Affairs of the Art by Joanna Quinn and Les Mills (release January 2021)

Show us your drawings and animation made with the TVPaint technology here !
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Affairs of the Art by Joanna Quinn and Les Mills (release January 2021)

Post by D.T. Nethery » 01 Jan 2021, 18:18

Coming soon. ... uary-2021/

More about the production of the film here:
-Joanna, how has your animation style changed over the years?

JQ: "My first film, Girls Night Out, was done very traditionally: hand-drawn using pencil, paper and cel. There was no such thing as using computers then. Cel is plastic-based, so I used waxy chinagraph pencils that only came in five colours. My animation technique was dictated by the tools that I had available. Nowadays I still animate on paper, but I scan the drawings into a computer and use TVPaint software to add the colour; it’s much quicker and I can change the colours later because everything is on separate layers. Finally, we composite all the elements together in After Effects.

I suppose the difference now is that I’m more critical of my animation, and I try to embrace new technologies. With that in mind I started animating Affairs of the Art digitally on a Cintiq screen using TVPaint software and spent about six months doing it. I enjoyed learning the process, but my animation lacked the energy and dynamism of drawing on paper. I think you use different bits of your brain when you’re drawing on paper; it’s very intuitive, because it’s direct from your brain to your arm. You haven’t got any choices; the pencil does everything. When you’re working on the computer, you have to make decisions all the time—Should I do it this way or that way? What weight of pencil am I using?—and you’re constantly interrupting the natural intuitive process. I was over-analyzing why I was about to do a particular piece of animation rather than just doing it."

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