Some new stuff

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Some new stuff

Post by slowtiger » 01 Dec 2020, 11:27

I'm lucky that my jobs continue despite Corona, albeit very slowly. Here's a small project, a PSA about recognizing a stroke. It's to be shown in waiting areas in Berlin, so it has to work without sound.

I have 2 sets of characters, trying to be as diverse as possible, the older woman is wearing a hidjab in the turkish and arabic versions, other languages are german, english, and russian.

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Re: Some new stuff

Post by o0Ampy0o » 06 Dec 2020, 08:31

This model works for me not speaking either language. It benefits from being brief and on point. This is close to a glance's worth of animation successfully communicating its message. I suspect many a Millennial will get it.
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