Timeline track increase or decrease height

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Timeline track increase or decrease height

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Timeline track increase or decrease height as in Resolve or Premiere.

One way to offer this would be at the UI scaling options add a second column for the timeline separate. That way you could have the interface and icons from option 2 and the timeline scaling from 1 which in my case with a cintiq 15.6 would be perfect.

Or as said in other posts offer a 1.5, 2.5 which would shrink the timeline scaling to 1 but keep the rest from 2. 2.5 would work with the same logic i.e scale down the timeline from 3 to 2 but keep the main UI (all the rest) from 3.

Resolve and Premiere allow the user to select the border between tracks a resize the tracks individually which is a good move but adds a couple of pixels to each of the individual tracks plus its more difficult to implement. The 1.5/2.5 method should be a fairly minor tweak as you already have the elements in place.

I think method two would be preferable (1.5 scaling) for simplicity and speed.

I hope that all makes sense.

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