Brushpack for TVPaint by KD Sketch

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Brushpack for TVPaint by KD Sketch

Post by D.T. Nethery » 14 Mar 2021, 17:14

This brushpack is generously offered for $0 (free) on Gumroad , but I would suggest throwing a few dollars her way for the effort.
These are very nice TVPaint brushes created by KDSketch (check out her YouTube Channel for some good TVPaint tutorials, including her excellent TVPaint Multiplane Camera tutorial.)
FREE TVPaint Brushpack / Sketching, Painting and Textures!
By "KDSketch" , available here: ... rary#Ibjrg

Watch the video to see the brushes in action!

20 Sketching, Painting and Texture brushes for use in TVPaint:
Sketching/Painting...Soft Pencil, Fuzzy Pencil, Fine Line, Small Inker, Soft Charcoal, Blend Charcoal, Hard Charcoal, Watery Ink, Blend Oil Pastel, Bristle Brush.
Textures...Grainy, Soft Pastel, L(arge) Patterned, Splatter, L(arge) Watercolour, Hard Edge, Heavy Bubble, Soft Bubble, Distressed Edges, Soft Shadow.

Animator, TVPaint Beta-Tester, Animation Educator and Consultant.
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