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Set Transparency

Post by Thierry » 09 Apr 2021, 15:09

Following a discussion we had a few weeks ago, here a panel that restore an old TVPaint 10 feature about setting the Opacity of a layer.

There are 2 buttons in this panel:
When you click on either of them, a pop-up will appear:
Asking you a value for the transparency.

The first button will apply the value you entered to the current layer only, and the second button will apply it to the layers of the same color group as the current layer.
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Re: Set Transparency

Post by Peter Wassink » 14 Apr 2021, 09:54

Thank you thierry for this.

i am now trying to make it even more failproof and easy for animators
i want buttons to set the right opacity for groups in one click

so say we need always to have the layers of group 4 (GroupColor 4) be opacity (LayerDensity) 50%
how would i make a button that does that?

i see this command:|

script: set_transparency.grg

this pops up a requester but i dont know how to simply have it a fixed value
and how do i acces this script?
the embeded george script is empty, its not clear how that part of the edit custompanel actions works.
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