Cintiq 13" over 21.5"

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Cintiq 13" over 21.5"

Post by theBrian » 23 Aug 2019, 14:10


after my Cintiq budget is finally large enough to look for a used one :D I have a question concerning these two models that I could get for a decent price.

21.5" dth-2242 versus 13" hd DTK-1300-1

1. Does anyone have experience with the 21.5" DTH-2242 and TVPaint 11 on Mac OS(mojave). Any issues?
2. The dth-2242 is not really marketed as a Cintiq. Since Ive never had the chance to try it out, does anyone know if there is some important difference I should be aware of?
3. Never understood this pressure sensitivity thing.Do you think the 2048 steps (13hd) compared to the 1024 steps (21.5") are noticeable to a normal being?

4. Which one would you go for if the 21.5" was 100bucks cheaper?

Many thanks

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D.T. Nethery
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Re: Cintiq 13" over 21.5"

Post by D.T. Nethery » 01 Sep 2019, 18:11

Hi, theBrian -

I don't have any experience using the specific model of Cintiqs you mention , the 21.5" DTH-2242 or 13" DTK-1300-1 , but I do have a Cintiq 21" UX DTK-2100 and if you were to ask me I would recommend the 21" or larger size Cintiq over a 13" Cintiq . At one time I had used a Modbook (which was a modified Macbook with a 13" screen to draw on with a Wacom-enabled pen stylus) and I found the 13" Modbook screen too small to work comfortably. Even if you take steps to minimize as many tool bars and panels as possible , the amount of "screen real estate" to draw on is too confining on a 13" screen, imo. You may be different , if you are used to drawing in smaller work areas, but to me the 21" Cintiq screen is the smallest screen I would be comfortable using (although I haven't tried out the newer portable Cintiq 16" DTK 1660K0A , maybe 16" would be enough ?) With the 21" Cintiq if I hide all tool bars in the side drawers and toggle off the Timeline by hitting the 0 key , I have a drawing area about 16" x 11" , which is close to the usable area of a 16 Field piece of animation paper (excluding the area where the peg holes would be) , so that's a comfortable drawing area for me. If I could afford to purchase a larger Cintiq , such as the 32" model, I would do it , because then I would not have to minimize as many of the other toolbars and panels . But the 21" works fine for me.
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Re: Cintiq 13" over 21.5"

Post by schwarzgrau » 05 Sep 2019, 14:35

I used a 12WX and now using a Cintiq Companion 2 (13") and a 22HD. The 12WX was nearly unusable, which was the reason I sold it. The problem wasn't the size for me, but the resolution. If I had some toolbars on the screen (or a timeline) it occupied a big chunk of the screen. I use the Companion in 1920x1080 which is really ok to work with, but I still prefer to animate on the 22HD. So I would recommend the 21.5 too.
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